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    The first pages of this website went online on 18 August 2002. The website evolved and expanded over the years. In more recent times though I haven't been updating the site regularly. More effort has been devoted to my blog and photo gallery. Those sites use powerful software that makes creating new content and updating very simple. Rewriting HTML code for this site is slow and cumbersome. As a result I have moved most of the content to a new site, Taiwanderful - the Taiwan Guide. It is based on a powerful content management system (CMS) and also allows other uses to edit and contribute.

    The technical side of the new site has been managed by fiLi, an Israeli with a keen interest in Taiwan and Asia. I am not sure what form David's Guide to Taiwan will take in the future but I hope it continues to be a relevant and up to date source of information about Taiwan.


    Most of the content of David's Guide to Taiwan is now at Taiwanderful. This site is no longer being regularly updated. It is also no longer based at the taiwan.8m.net domain. It is now at http://www.taiwan-guide.org/david/main.html.

    My blog

    I have a blog about Taiwan called David on Formosa. The blog allows me to comment on various aspects of Taiwan life in a way that I can't do on this website. The site was originally hosted at blogger, but now has its own domain and uses the WordPress software.

    screenshot of my blog: david on formosa


    All these pages are copyright. If you wish to use the text or photos in any form please contact me (by e-mail) for permission. You are free to link to any of these pages from another website (and encouraged to do so).

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