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  • Banqiao and Tucheng

    This contents of this page have moved to Taiwanderful. Clicking on the links below will take you directly to the new site.

    The photos and some information can still be found below.


    I have lived in Banqiao[*] (板橋) and Tucheng (土城) most of the time I have been in Taiwan. They border each other in Taipei County (台北縣) southwest of Taipei. Both places changed quite a bit since I first arrived in Taiwan (in 1999), especially Banqiao. The most notable thing has been the construction of the new railway station in Banqiao (pictured below) and the railway line going from above ground to underground. The MRT line to Banqiao (Xinpu station 新埔站) opened in 2000. The Banqiao to Tucheng extension of the MRT opened at the end of May 2006. In the past few years there has been a seemingly endless amount of construction of new roads, buildings and bridges. The pictures below show Banqiao Station in 2002 and 2006. The road running through the middle of the photos used to be the railway line. I wish I had some photos from when I first arrived in Taiwan as the differences would be far greater.

    New Panchiao Railway Station (Oct 2002)
    Banqiao Railway Station, October 2002 (板橋車站)

    Banqiao Railway station in april 2006
    Banqiao Railway Station, April 2006 (板橋車站)

    The photo below shows the entrance to the Fuzhong MRT Station (府中站) in April 2006 before it opened. The station is at the site of the old Banqiao Railway Station. The railway line used to be above ground until the new Banqiao Station and underground railway line opened in 1999. Demolition of the old station began not long after that and the railway line was ripped up to become Xianmin Boulevard (縣民大道).

    Fuzhong MRT station entrance in Banqiao
    Fuzhong MRT Station entrance, April 2006

    Lin Family Gardens 林家花園

    building in the lin family gardens banqiao
    scene inside the Lin Family Gardens

    lin family gardens
    Lin Family Gardens

    Viewing Deck at Taipei County Government Building 台北縣政府瞭望層

    viewing deck at the taipei county government building in banqiao
    Taipei County Government building

    Chengtian Chan Temple 承天禪寺

    Chengtian Temple, Tucheng
    Chengtian Chan Temple in the mountains near Tucheng

    buddha statues in chengtian temple
    Three Buddha statues in Chengtian Temple

    panaromic view from Chengtian Chan Temple
    panoramic view from Chengtian Chan Temple

    Hiking trail to Tianshang Shan 天上山步道

    view from Tianshang Shan
    view of Taipei from Tianshang Shan

    a view of Chengtian Temple from near the top of Tianshang Shan

    david on top of Tianshang Shan
    David on Tianshang Shan

    Qingshui Zushi Temple

    qingshui zushi temple in tucheng, taipei county
    Qingshui Zushi Temple

    Nanya Night Market 南雅夜市

    nanaya night market in banqiao
    crowds at Banqiao's night market

    vendor at nanya night market
    vendor at Nanya night market

    Banqiao Agricultural Park 板橋農村公園

    building the Banqiao Agricultural Park
    Building in the Banqiao Agricultural Park

    Opium Fenyuan 鴉片粉圓

    Yapian Fenyuan, Panchiao
    Yapian Fenyuan store in Banqiao

    Banqiao Hotel 板橋賓館

    banqiao hotel in China
    Banqiao Hotel in China

    The photo above is of the Banqiao Hotel, but it's not in Banqiao!! It is in Yunxiao (雲霄), a small city in the south of Fujian Province, China.

    A note about spelling

    I have used the Hanyu pinyin spelling of Banqiao in this web page. According to Tongyong Pinyin, which is the official romanisation system in Taipei County, the spelling is Banciao. Other spellings that may be seen are Panchiao, Banchiao, Banchiau and Pan Chiao.


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