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  • Books about Taiwan

    An updated version of books in Taiwan can now be found at Taiwanderful. The new site at Taiwanderful contains more detailed information about various books. The information on this page is more of a simple list.

    While many volumes have been written and published about China there is a great lack of books about Taiwan published in English. I have listed some titles of interest here. The books in this list include guidebooks, memoirs, history and literature.

    You can buy many of the books listed directly from Amazon.com. Just click on the links to the Amazon.com page for the book.

    The books have been arranged into categories for ease of navigation.

    Travel guides

    Lonely Planet Taiwan
    by Andrew Bender, Julie Grundvig, Robert Kelly
    Lonely Planet, Melbourne, 2004 (6th edition)
    ISBN: 174059360X

    Taiwan (National Geographic Traveler)
    by Phil Macdonald
    National Geographic, 2004
    ISBN: 0792265556

    Culture Shock! Taiwan
    by Christopher Bates and Ling-Li Bates
    Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co, 1995
    ISBN: 1558681752

    Insight Guide: Taiwan
    by Insight Guides
    APA Publications, Singapore, 2003
    ISBN: 9812349669

    Taipei Insight City Guide
    by Insight Guides
    APA Publications, Singapore, 2006
    ISBN: 0595375499

    Culture Taipei
    by Christopher Logan & Teresa Hsu
    SMC Publishing, 2003

    China by Bike: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China's East Coast (By Bike)
    by Roger Grigsby
    Mountaineers Books, 1994
    ISBN: 0898864100

    History and academic titles

    Island in the Stream: A Quick Case Study of Taiwan's Complex History
    by April C.J. Lin and Jerome F. Keating
    SMC Publishing, Taipei, 2000
    ISBN: 9576385571

    Taiwan: A Political History
    by Denny Roy
    Cornell University Press, 2003
    ISBN: 0801488052

    A History of Taiwan in Comics
    Third Nature Publishing Co Ltd, Taipei

    Forbidden Nation: A History of Taiwan
    by Jonathan Manthorpe
    Palgrave Macmillan, 2005
    ISBN: 1403969817

    Is Taiwan Chinese?: The Impact of Culture, Power, and Migration on Changing Identities
    by Melissa J. Brown
    The University of California Press, 2004
    ISBN: 0520231821

    Taiwan: The Struggles of a Democracy
    by Jerome F. Keating
    SMC Publishing Inc, 2006

    Untying the Knot: Making Peace in the Taiwan Strait
    by Richard C. Bush
    Brookings Institution Press, 2005
    ISBN: 081571288X

    Lee Teng-hui and Taiwan's Quest for Identity
    by Shih-shan Henry Tsai
    Palgrave Macmillan, 2005
    ISBN: 1403970564

    Dangerous Strait: The U.S.-Taiwan-China Crisis
    by Nancy Bernkopf Tucker (Editor)
    Columbia University Press, 2005
    ISBN: 0231135645

    Taiwan in the Twentieth Century: A Retrospective View
    by Richard Louis Edmonds (Editor), Steven M. Goldstein (Editor)
    Cambridge University Press, 2001
    ISBN: 0521003431

    Taiwan: A New History
    by Murray A. Rubinstein (Editor)
    East Gate Book, 1999
    ISBN: 1563248166

    Shattering the myths: Taiwanese identity and the legacy of KMT colonialism
    by Laurence Eyton
    ISBN: 9867819578

    Memoirs & biography

    Four Years Without Socks
    by Chris Murphy
    Innaminaka Ink, 1999
    ISBN: 1876759003

    Vignettes of Taiwan
    by Joshua Samuel Brown
    ThingsAsian Press, 2006
    ISBN: 0971594082

    The Trumpeter of Bull Mountain
    by W. Martyn McClave
    Borsli, 2004

    Counting Mantou: an American in the Taiwanese army
    by T.C. Locke
    published in Chinese with the title Taiwan Mantou - Meiguo Bing (Taiwanese Mantou, American Soldier)
    not yet published in English

    Half Baked in Taiwan
    by Beth Fowler
    Xlibris Corporation
    ISBN: 0738825751


    A Thousand Moons on a Thousand Rivers
    by Hsiao Li-hung (translated by Michelle Wu)
    Columbia Unviersity Press, New York, 2000
    ISBN: 0231117930

    This book is part of the series Modern Chinese Literature from Taiwan.

    Jade Phoenix
    by Syd Goldsmith
    iUniverse, 2006
    ISBN: 0595375499

    A Taipei Mutt
    by Eric Mader-Lin
    Cheng Shang Publishing House, 2002

    Travel writing

    Formosan Odyssey
    by John Ross
    Taiwan Adventure Publications, 2002
    ISBN: 9869995160

    Keeping Up With the War God
    by Steven Crook
    Yushan Publications, 2001
    ISBN: 0954087305

    Private Prayers and Public Parades
    by Mark Caltonhill
    Department of Information, Taipei City Government, 2003


    Taiwan Today
    by Teng Shou-Hsin & Perry Lo-Sun
    Cheng & Tsui; 2nd edition (August, 1999)
    ISBN: 0887273424

    Reflections on Taipei
    Department of Information, Taipei City Government

    Books about Taiwan and China - Pinyin.info

    Sample chapters and the full texts of several books are available here.

    The Taiwan Library Online has online versions of several books about Taiwan. The books include:
    Formosa Betrayed by George H Kerr
    A Taste of Freedom by Peng Ming-min
    Formosa Calling by Allan Shackleton
    Island in the Stream by April C.J. Lin and Jerome F. Keating

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