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  • Day trips around Taipei

    The contents of this page can now be found at Day trips around Taipei at Taiwanderful - the Taiwan Guide.

    There are still some photos and links below.

    Sanxia 三峽

    zushi temple in sanxia, taiwan
    Sanxia's Zushi (祖師廟) Temple is one of Taiwan's most beautiful temples

    carving at zushi temple
    stone carving in the Zushi Temple

    taipei county hakka museum in Sanxia
    Hakka Museum in Sanxia

    Yingge 鶯歌

    pots for sale in yingge, taiwan
    pots for sale in Yingge

    Yingge is a major centre for the production of pottery and ceramics.

    taipei county yingge ceramics museum
    the ceramics museum in Yingge

    Bali 八里

    shihsanhang museum of archaeology in bali
    Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology

    Yuantong Chan Temple

    yuantong chan temple in zhonghe, taipei
    Yuantong Chan Temple

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    Wulai 烏來

    river and mountains in wulai
    River and mountain in Wulai

    luohao dam in the neidong forest recreation area near wulai
    Luohao Dam in the Neidong Forest Recreation Area

    To get to Wulai take the MRT to Xindian station (新店站) and then take a bus to Wulai for NT$40.

    hot springs by the river in wulai
    Hot springs by the river

    Guandu 關度

    guandu temple
    Guandu Temple

    guandu nature park
    birds find a place to roost in the Guandu Nature Park

    Caoling Historic Trail 草嶺古道

    Panormamic view on the Caoling Historic Trail

    The Caoling Historical Trail connects Gongliao (貢寮) with Dali (大里) on Taiwan's northeast coast.

    Fulong Beach 福龍

    surfing at fulong beach

    dongxing temple at fulong beach
    Dongxing Temple at the eastern end of Fulong beach

    Pinglin 坪林

    the town of Pinglin in Taipei County

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