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    About this website


    Welcome to David's Guide to Fujian & China. I hope you can find some useful information on this website. The information on this website was compiled while I was living in Fujian Province from October 2002 to October 2003. If you have any questions or suggestions about the website please e-mail me.

    I have an affiliation with World Nomads online travel insurance. If you link to their website via the ads on this site I will get a commission if you purchase insurance. I have used World Nomads insurance and can recommend them.


    On 26 February 2006 I added links to Amazon.com as part of their associate program. I also updated the links page. A few minor updates on 28 June 2005. On 19 February 2005 I added the advertisements for World Nomads travel insurance.

    On 9 May 2004 I updated the Xiamen page and added a new book to the books page. On 10 April 2004 I gave the site a general tidy-up. On 3 October 2003 I tidied up the site and added a bit more information to the Xiamen page. On 6 August 2003 I converted the photos on the photos page to thumbnails and added some more photos. I also finally got the pages about Xiamen and Quanzhou looking respectable. On 5 August 2003 I added an article about travel in West Fujian and updated the photos page. On 23 July I added Chinese characters to the West Fujian travel notes and also converted the Chinese characters in the Fujian travel diary to Unicode. All Chinese characters on this site are now in Unicode format. On 22 July I added the West Fujian travel notes and photos. On 21 July I added a few photos to the Fujian travel diary. On 21 June 2003 I added details about Bill Brown's new book to the books page and a link to a new website about Xiamen by Bill Brown's wife to the links page. On 17 June 2003 I added a new banner to the front page and a new graphic on the side menu bar. On 8 May 2003 I updated the template of the site to include a side navigation bar and changed the name of the site from "David's Guide to Fujian" to "David's Guide to Fujian & China." I also separated the books and links into two separate pages. This site was created on 12 April 2003.


    All the pages on this website are copyright. If you wish to reproduce them in any form please contact me (by e-mail) for permission. You are free to link to any of these pages from another web site (and encouraged to do so).

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