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    Books about Fujian & China

    Fujian Books

    • Amoy Magic: Guide to Xiamen
      by Bill Brown

      Amoy Magic was written by Bill Brown who is a lecturer at Xiamen University and long term Xiamen resident. The book provides detailed information about Xiamen and also many other places in Fujian Province. It is published by Xiamen University Press and is available at most good book shops in Xiamen.

    • The Fujian Adventure
      by Bill Brown

      New book by the author of Amoy Magic. Published by Lujiang Publishing House in full color with many photographs Bill tells tales of his travels to every corner of Fujian.

    • Mystic Quanzhou
      by Bill Brown

      Another book by Bill Brown. This one is all about the fascinating city of Quanzhou.

    • Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Let's Go all publish guide books for China with sections about Fujian Province. Unfortunately details about Fujian in these books are limited. They will however give an introduction to the major cities of Xiamen, Fuzhou and Quanzhou and brief details of a few other places in Fujian.

    China books

    • The Man Who Died Twice: The life and adventures of Morrison of Peking
      by Peter Thompson and Robert Macklin

      Published in 2004, this is a biography of GE Morrison, an extraordinary man who is most well known for being the London Times correspondent in Peking. He played a key role in defending the foreign legations during the Boxer Rebellion and later became an adviser to the first president of the Republic of China.

    • Red Dust: a path through China
      by Ma Jian

      In 1983 Ma Jian, an artist, leaves Beijing and spends the next two years wandering around China. It is a fascinating insight into the mind of China's youth in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution.

    • Red China Blues
      by Jan Wong

      Jan Wong came to China as a student during the Cultural Revolution full of enthusiasm for Maoism. She later returned to China as a journalist. This gives her a unique position from which to observe China and the many changes and upheavals taking place there.

    • River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze
      by Peter Hessler

      The story of an American who spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Fuling, a town on the Yangtze River in Sichuan Province.

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