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    Taiwan links and information

    David's Guide to Taiwan has now moved to Taiwanderful.

    There is a weblink directory at Taiwanderful that users can add links to and edit. You are invited to contribute to it.

    Newspapers and media

    Taiwan has three daily English language newspapers. They all sell for NT$15 and are available from 7-Eleven and other convenience stores. It is always worthwhile buying the paper on Friday as all three papers have guides to entertainment and events around Taipei. The International Herald Tribune is printed six days per week in Taipei.

    In addition to these newspapers there are several other English websites and magazines that are useful sources of news.

    Essential links

    Other useful links


    The list below is just a snapshot of the English language blogosphere in Taiwan.

    A very extensive list of Taiwan blogs can be found on Michael Turton's blog, The View from Taiwan. Also see the Taiwan Blog Feed for a steady stream of up to date news from Taiwan blogs. Bloggers in Taiwan maintains a list of Taiwan blogs.

    You can also do a Google blogsearch for Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwanese, betel nut or any other topic. Or search Technorati for Taiwan or blogs tagged Taiwan.

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    Personal websites and miscellaneous

    Taiwan related online forums

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