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    An updated version of this page can be found at Taiwanderful - the Taiwan Guide

    mountain valley above wulai town
    Mountain valley above Wulai Town

    The ride from Taipei to Wulai (烏來) is pleasant but not particularly remarkable. However, the road doesn't stop at Wulai. In fact the ride beyond Wulai is the real reason for riding to Wulai. It takes you high up into the mountains where you will find the most incredibly beautiful scenery.

    The road climbs gently up into the mountains and you soon leave all signs of the city behind. There is not much up here, just a road and a river and amazing scenery. The further along the road you go the more beautiful it gets. If you make it all the way to the end of the road there is a walking track that goes to I-lan (宜蘭 Yilan). However, you should only take this trail if you are brave and well prepared.

    Route information

    It is 16 kms from Hsintien (新店 Xindian) to Wulai. The road is mostly uphill but not steep. Look out for buses and speeding cars as there is no shoulder in places. When you get to Wulai turn left at the Circle K and follow route 9 (甲 jia). It branches off occasionally but the road isn't too difficult to follow. The traffic is light, but the road is narrow and there are many blind corners so you need to ride carefully. You can follow this route for 26 kms (from Wulai) before the road ends. There is a gate along the route where you should stop to buy a mountain permit for a small fee. You need to bring your passport or Taiwan ID card for the permit.

    5 October, 2002


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